Are UK 904L Steel Rolex Replica Watches Better Than 306L Types?

Rolex is only one brand to adapt 904L steel materials. Whether is it better than 306L steel? Why not other famous brands use 904L? In the following, we will bring you to deeply explore the mystery.

As we all know, the most advantage of 904L steel should be the stronger corrosion resistance. That is why a lot of people choose Rolex copy watches with self-winding movements. However, actually it is not quite important for normal fans.

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904L steel is good, but this does not mean that 316L steel is not good. The most intuitive proof is that Rolex first used 316L steel, but in 1985 it began to gradually apply 904L steel. There are a lot of watch brands that are more senior than Rolex. why do they still use 316L steel? Obviously, it is not because they can’t afford it, but there is no need.