Kimura Takuya With Black Dial Fake Rolex Explorer I 114270 Watch UK

In the Japanese TV drama “Love Generation”, Kimura Takuya wears the famous copy Rolex watch (Explorer I 114270). The popularity of this drama made this edition also in hot. Even until now, the simple edition is still one of the classic ones of Rolex.

Kimura Takuya wears the black dial fake Rolex Explorer I 114270 watch.
Simple Fake Rolex Explorer I 114270 Watches

Except in the drama, Kimura Takuya also wears the Oystersteel replica Rolex Explorer I 114270 watch when he shoots photos for magazine. The black dial watch goes well with his white shirt. Somethings, simple is the best.

The Oystersteel copy watches have black dials.
Superb Copy Rolex Explorer I 114270 Watches

Rolex always designs simple watches without so many complex functions and decorations, which are suitable for low-key people.

This edition is one of the favorite fake watches of Kimura Takuya. We can notice this watch not only in the dramas or magazines, but also in private. In fact he wears the watch on the left hand, in order to shooting activities, he wears the watch on the right.