Quality Rolex Vintage 1016 Explorer I Watches Replica UK

Many people enjoy collecting Rolex vintage watches,but vintage Rolex watches are more and more hard to find in present markets.Now,the imitational Rolex Vintage 1016 Explorer I watches are present for you.Rolex Vintage 1016 Explorer I

The 36mm-diameter unpolished case of the cheap Rolex Vintage 1016 Explorer I watches are made in stainless steel.It should be mentioned that because the case is unpolished,the case edges are very sharp!The other major parts include the 78360 bracelet and 580 end links.On the matte black dial,there are luminous skeleton steel hands with age patina,a center sweep seconds hand,Arabic hour numerals and baton markers with a triangle indicator at 12 o’clock,which make the timepiece highly readable.In addition,the instrument is waterproof to 30m with a domed acrylic crystal.Rolex Vintage 1016 Explorer I  1

Equipped with the excellent automatic winding movements that are rhodium-plated with 26 jewels,the fake Rolex Vintage 1016 Explorer I watches are guaranteed with precision and reliability.