UK Green Leather Strap Fake Rolex Day-Date 118138 Watches For Sale

The dazzling color is irresistible and the colorful dial can be said as the charming parts of the whole watch, the seemingly low-key appearance is particularly attractive with the gorgeous dial. Regardless of the daily commute or leisure vacation, a piece of colorful dial watch would make you become the focus of people.

green dial fake Rolex Day-Date 118138

This green dial replica Rolex Day-Date 118138 watch is symbol of the unparalleled honor position. Its Oyster case with the 100m waterproof and the 36mm case that is adopted the 18k yellow gold material, that are enough to represent the truly exalted status.

gold case replica Rolex Day-Date 118138

The unique middle crust with the whole piece of solid metal, the calender display, the curved window at the 12 o;clock position and also the classic design of the three big hands that all show the clear information for everyone. This copy Rolex also equipped with the 3155 movement with precise and stable as well. The special place of this gold case copy Rolex 118138 is that both the dial and strap are all green, which madeĀ anĀ impression.

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