Three Materials Of Famous Fake Rolex Watches UK


Rolex got its fame because of its Oyster watches. Cheap and fine replica Rolex watches are made from Oystersteel that is made up from 904L stainless steel. This alloy is widely used in high-technique, aircraft industry and chemical industry. Because this durable material has superb corrosion resistance, which can keep its nature and beauty under any circumstance.

18CT Gold

In modern days, precious watches copy Rolex made from 18ct gold are more and more popular. Luxury watches can enhance the charm and raise the levels of the wearers. This special alloys include 18ct gold, 18ct white gold and 18ct everose gold. There are 750% full gold in each alloy and the others are silver or platinum. These materials have charming gloss.


There is another material called “Rolesor”. What is “Rolesor”? It is the combination of gold and stainless steel, which got the patent in 1933. The elaborate fake watches made from Rolesor are nicer than full stainless steel watches and cheaper than full gold watches.

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Recommendation Of Extraordinary Copy Rolex Yacht-Master II 116688 Watches UK

Yacht-Master II is the world only chronograph timepiece with mechanical memory, which can catch every important moment of life. As excellent sailing timepiece, this series is superb tool watch for the captain to determine the channel. With both practical functions and marine style, the elaborate fake Rolex watches are worth for you.

The luxury fake watches are made from gold.
Luxury Watches Fake Rolex Yacht-Master II 116688

Among all Yacht-Master II, I like the gold replica Rolex Yacht-Master II 116688 watches most. Gold always reminds me of “Pirates of the Caribbean ” – the gold coins sink into the deep. If you wanna go to sea, the glossy watches are suitable. For other occasions, the watches can always enhance your charm and raise your level.

The water resistant replica watches have white dials.
Water Resistant Watches Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II 116688

Different from Yacht-Master, Yacht-Master II has 10-minute chronograph function. You can see the white dials copy watches have blue ceramic bezels with 10-minute chronograph, which can help the wearers have better controls of the time. In addition, the colors of gold, white and blue form a harmonious visual effect.

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