The General Review of Rolex Explorer Watches

Rolex unveiled the Explorer collection in 1953, commemorating the first accomplished ascent of Mount Everest that was led by Sir John Hunt earlier that year. Inspired by the first men’s steps on the roof of the world, this symbolized Rolex watch were dedicated to meeting the requirements of all professional explorers and passionate adventurers.In order to complete those targets, Rolex put stress on the functionality, making the durable and robust watch which has been modified in technology for several times during the years, but has never changed its original concept.Rolex Explorer in 1953

In 1971, Rolex introduced the Explorer II collection that was specially designed for those professional cave and polar explorers who needed a time-telling tool to distinguish day from night. It is worth mentioning that Rolex solved that problem by adding the forth, GMT hand and a fixed graduated bezel.


The Explorer and Explorer II watches often remind us of the admirable history of Rolex. However, Rolex just updated the latest Explorer timepiece with exclusive technologies, more durable mechanisms, larger cases and higher legiblity.